The History Of Chocolate Chip Cookies

Written by Roar Elias

The history of chocolate chip cookies is maybe a bit off topic for a recipe site, but it is an interesting example of how things that go wrong in the kitchen can actually result in some pretty good new recipes.

Not many people will pass up the opportunity of having a chocolate chip cookie or two. A lot of people were brought up with this type of cookie and the kitchen was not complete without a jar of these cookies on the counter for the family to sample every now and again. Since their invention, people have become creative with them, adding different ingredients to the dough or using white chocolate instead.

Then there are those who won't choose anything other than the basic traditional cookie. The history of chocolate chip cookies goes all the way back to 1930. Let's explore this amazing creation in a little more depth.

It seems some of the greatest inventions come from mistakes that chefs make in the kitchen. The history of chocolate chip cookies was no exception. It was the great Ruth Wakefield who we have to thank for one of the greatest cookies that were ever made.

This lady ran a bed and breakfast along with her husband in Massachusetts. She began by breaking up a chocolate bar into her dough, just like you make your regular chocolate chip cookies. However, she thought everything would combine together and would end up with a nice smooth chocolate butter cookie. From this we have The history of chocolate chip cookies.

Fortunately, Ruth didn't keep this a family secret. She spread the word and published a couple of articles in a variety of newspapers. The recipe was hugely popular, being named the chocolate crunch cookie at that stage.

Now, Ruth was no fool. She made a good deal with Nestle, saying that if they supplied her with free chocolate, then she would allow them to put her recipe on the chocolate bars. Of course, life was made simpler in 1939, when chocolate morsels were introduced. Round about this time Mrs Wakefield became even more famous when she was featured on Betty Crocker's radio program.

Nestle continued to supply free chocolate to Ruth Wakefield until 1966 when she and her husband decided to sell the bed and breakfast. Until 1983 the rights and the trademark was going to Nestle, which didn't seem all that fair, since they weren't the ones doing all of the hard work. However the Toll House, where Ruth Wakefield first began making her cookies soon got the trademark from a court ruling. In saying that, Nestle can't be forgotten, since they did play a part in helping the chocolate chip cookie become this successful.

With seven billion of these cookies being eaten every year in America, one can safely say that these are probably the most popular kind of cookie around. There are some manufacturers who only specialize in chocolate chip cookies because they know these will sell. Of course, we all know chocolate chip cookies go beyond eating straight out of a biscuit tin. There is so much more you can do with them on the baking scene. You can break them up and mix them with ice-cream or you can use them as a filling in truffles. They can make a great base for a chocolate cake or a tart. There is lots more you can try out so give it a go!

And the history of chocolate chip cookies is of course related to the history of chocolate itself.

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The history of chocolate chip cookies is maybe a bit off topic, but is definitely an interesting read.

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